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Greetings and Welcome!

To all Graduate Students of Physiotherapy,

Physiotherapy education is a gamut of learning beginning with admission to an accredited Physiotherapy College and ending with retirement from active Physiotherapy Practice and /or Physiotherapy Teaching.

The goal of Physiotherapy education is the continuing development of physiotherapists who are entitled, consistent with their education, to practice the profession and/or teach without limitation. The curricula for physiotherapy education should be relevant to the health and social needs of the particular nation. The term “accredited” is used in relation to Physiotherapy education to describe a programme which is regularly evaluated according to established educational standards.

The first professional qualification should represent completion of a curriculum that qualifies the Physiotherapist for practice as an independent professional. Basic Physiotherapy education should be conducted by academic Physiotherapists who are able to transfer knowledge and skills for the critical analysis of theories and methods of Physiotherapy. An integral component of the curriculum for the first professional qualification is direct clinical experience under supervision of appropriately qualified Physiotherapist. This clinical education will involve gradual access to responsibility as skill and experience increase.


Life-long learning and professional development is the hallmark of a competent Physiotherapist, participation in continuing education contributing to the development and maintenance of quality Physiotherapy practice. Physical therapists should be encouraged to undertake Post Graduate education in Physiotherapy or related fields for advanced professional development. Physiotherapists are also encouraged to undertake Post-Basic education in scientific methodology in order to contribute to a critical and research-based professional approach that may extend into daily practice. When national Physiotherapy associations have adopted practice specialisation, the process of becoming recognised as a specialist should meet the academic and practice rigours of such a qualification.

So, best of luck to all the aspiring Physiotherapy Students of today and prospering Physiotherapy Teachers and/or Practitioners of tomorrow…..

May this fresh beginning prove to be enlightening.....
Dr. N. Srinivasan (P.T)
Principal - HCOP